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Craigs Investment Partners

Our private Wealth Management Services are for individuals and organisations looking to create, grow and sustain their wealth with the right level of investment, advice, management and support from a team of professionals. No matter where you are on your pathway to success, how experienced an investor you are, or how involved in your investing you want to be, we have a service to suit.

Personalised Investment Solutions

Craigs Investment Partners philosophy underpins all our Wealth Management Services and our unique approach enables our Investment Advisory team to “Discover and Deliver” the best investment solution to meet your needs.

Building an effective investment strategy and portfolio requires an understanding of your unique needs. This includes understanding your goals, your investing timeframe, how you feel about risk and how involved you want to be in looking after your investments.

We have developed a four-step partnered approach called “Discover and Deliver”. This enables our Investment Advisers to discover your unique needs and goals and then deliver an investment strategy solution to create, grow and sustain your wealth. Our personalised approach is at the heart of our Wealth Management Services.

Establishing your goals and identifying your financial needs

We believe in getting the basics right, so we start by understanding you and your investment needs. Often overlooked, this is the most important step in the entire investment process. This analysis of your needs, your appetite for risk and your short and long-term objectives are the basis for our advisory service.

The better your Investment Adviser knows you and what you want to achieve, the better he or she will be able to deliver the most suitable investment strategy.

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