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NZP is an innovative leader in the New Zealand biotechnology and manufacturing industry due to its focus on strong customer relationships and a high level of product quality management (GMP).

New Zealand Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established in 1971 to extract and purify biochemicals from by-products of the New Zealand meat processing industry. The company’s first products were pharmaceutical intermediates extracted from bile. Over the next 15 years NZP’s reputation for quality and service allowed it to become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of these products to the worldwide market. In the 1980’s the product range broadened to include a variety of other biochemicals from the meat industry and in recent years, development has focused on biochemicals and extracts from plant materials.


NZP was initially owned by a consortium of meat companies and Tasman Vaccine Laboratories (TVL). In 1976 ICI NZ Ltd (now Orica) bought TVL including its 40% stake in NZP. In 1994 the meat industry sold its shareholding to ICI, who then owned 100% of the company until a management-led buy-out was concluded in January 1998. In 2005, the private equity firm, Direct Capital, purchased 51% of NZP.


NZP is situated near the city of Palmerston North in the North Island of New Zealand. Located in the heart of the country’s farming region, the city is home to New Zealand’s largest university (Massey University), and the centre for New Zealand’s largest Life Sciences and Agricultural Research Institutions (AgResearch, Crop and Food Research, Hort Research, Landcare Research and Fonterra Research).


The company which is ranked in the New Zealand top 500 list of companies, has a strong export focus with over 95% of its products being exported to all parts of the world. In addition to supplying the global pharmaceutical industry with pure biochemicals, NZP also manufactures a range of biochemicals and natural extracts for the international health food, cosmetic, biotechnology and aquaculture industries. NZP’s longstanding reputation as a reliable producer of high quality products is further strengthened by the international recognition of New Zealand’s ‘clean green’ and ‘disease free’ status.

Service Guarantee

NZP is highly customer focused and fosters close working relationships both with the servicing of existing products and the development of new products. As well as delivering products of the required quality, NZP strives to exceed customer service requirements through a commitment to timely communication, accurate export documentation and efficient worldwide distribution. This has resulted in many customer relationships exceeding 20 years.

Quality and Safety

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an integral part of the company’s culture and ensures that NZP’s products conform to stringent customer specifications and comply with international regulatory requirements. The majority of the analytical testing is carried out in-house in a modern quality assurance laboratory staffed by 9 chemists and technicians.

As well as holding a Medicines Licence to manufacture specific medicines, NZP is certified to manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients according to the New Zealand code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), which is equivalent to the European Pharmaceutical Inspection Code (PIC). NZP is also licensed and audited by the New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a biological processing facility for the manufacture of animal-derived products. In addition, NZP is licensed by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) to manufacture heparin.

Safety Health and Environment (SH&E) issues are also fundamental to NZP’s values. Driven by the safety vision of ‘No Injuries to Anyone, Ever’ a very safe working environment has been achieved. There is continuous investment at NZP to further improve both safety and the company’s impact on the environment.


The company fosters innovation throughout it operations and in particular, places a high importance on research and development. NZP has a dedicated Research & Development team of 10 scientists to develop new product opportunities. The company has well equipped research laboratories and two pilot plants for small-scale commercial production.


Technologies include; enzyme and chemical hydrolyses, large scale aqueous and organic solvent extractions, ion-exchange purification, distillation, ultrafiltration, filtration and centrifugation, spray drying, vacuum oven tray drying, freeze drying, crystallisation, milling (grinding) and recently chemical synthesis. For further information on NZP’s synthesis capabilites please refer to our website 

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